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Susuwatari Game

A simple 2D game inspired by the soot yokai in Tonari ni Totoro and Spirited Away. Written pretty much only to learn some game programming in rust.


  • Add background tiling.
  • Wrap sprite movement at the edges.
  • Add mobs.
  • Add a start screen.
  • Add different color candies.
  • Add animations to candies.
  • Decide on different behaviors for different candies.
  • Add boss, dust broom.
  • Polish assets.
  • Break up hero and boss sprite to use animated sub-sprites.
  • Implement slow down after growing.
  • Implement return to size after short wait.
  • Decide on whether hero should always be slowly shrinking.
  • Add levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Add options screen and multiple resolution.