My configuration for neovim, fully commented.
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Thomas Gideon 9fee066f65 Convert to lua
- prune unused
- drop scripting, use symlink for identical options
4 weeks ago
ftplugin Convert to lua 4 weeks ago
airline.vim Update theme selection 5 years ago
fzf.vim Switch to ripgrep 5 years ago
init.lua Finish port of main config 7 months ago
init.vim Switch to same nerd font as alacritty 9 months ago
jsonnet.vim Add explicit format settings for jsonnet 6 years ago
lsp.vim Adjust rust config 4 weeks ago
mapping.vim Remove old mapping 10 months ago
nerdtree.vim Remove breaking command 3 years ago
plug.vim Adjust rust config 4 weeks ago
syntastic.vim Switch to rust-analyzer 2 years ago
wiki.vim Clean, add more TS support 1 year ago