Changing feed append code to use an external configuration file.

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Thomas Gideon 2010-11-05 16:53:45 -04:00
parent cf706d7ece
commit 6fde85012d
4 changed files with 50 additions and 24 deletions

.gitignore vendored
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@ -12,3 +12,4 @@

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@ -9,3 +9,4 @@ with_offset.xsl - Transform that handles the recursive structure of OmniOutliner
without_offset.xsl - Transform that handles the recursive structure of OmniOutliner files better than Beautiful Soup does, works with segment notes that do not have time offsets.
outline.bash - Drives the XSLT operation and subsequent scripting tasks that cannot be handled in XSL.
cleanup.bash - Remove output files produced from encode.bash
restore.bash - Restore backup of feed files made today on top of current feed files.

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@ -53,13 +53,14 @@ def __fetch_feed(url):
return None
def __append(feed, suffix, append_fn):
def __append(config, feed, suffix, append_fn):
For the given main site feed, load the appropriate media specific feed
and compare. If the latest episode isn't in the media specific feed,
insert it making the necessary adjustments to the new episode's entry.
latest = __fetch_feed('cmdln_%s.xml' % suffix).entries[0]
local_file = '%s%s.xml' % (config['file_prefix'], suffix)
latest = __fetch_feed(local_file).entries[0]
entry = feed.entries[0]
if latest.title.find(entry.title) != -1:'%s is up to date.' % suffix)
@ -67,7 +68,7 @@ def __append(feed, suffix, append_fn):
base_url = '' % __archive_slug(entry.title)
filename = 'cmdln_%s.xml' % suffix
filename = '%s%s.xml' % (config['file_prefix'], suffix)
today =
backup = '%s.%s' % (filename, today.strftime('%Y-%m-%d'))
shutil.copy(filename, backup)
@ -78,7 +79,7 @@ def __append(feed, suffix, append_fn):
updated = time.strftime('%a, %d %b %Y %X +0000', feed.updated)
for line in f:
if line.find('<item>') != -1 and not firstItem:
append_fn(entry, o, suffix, base_url)
append_fn(config, entry, o, suffix, base_url)
firstItem = True
if line.startswith(' <pubDate>'):
line = ' <pubDate>%s</pubDate>\n' % updated
@ -90,15 +91,15 @@ def __append(feed, suffix, append_fn):
def __append_non_itunes(entry, output, suffix, base_url):
def __append_non_itunes(config, entry, output, suffix, base_url):
For most of the feeds, new episodes are simple stanzas and the
adjustments consist mostly of copying what is in the mean site feed's
entry and just re-writing the enclosure to the appropriate media file.
(url, mime_type, size) = __enclosure(entry.enclosures, base_url, suffix)
(url, mime_type, size) = __enclosure(config, entry.enclosures, base_url, suffix)
output.write(""" <item>
<title>%(title)s (Comment Line 240-949-2638)</title>
@ -107,16 +108,17 @@ def __append_non_itunes(entry, output, suffix, base_url):
""" % { 'title': entry.title,
'description': __description(entry.content),
'description': __description(config, entry.content),
'pubDate' :,
'permalink' : __permalink(entry.title),
'url' : url,
'mime_type' : mime_type,
'size' : size })
'size' : size,
'title_suffix': config['title_suffix'] })'Inserted new %s item.' % suffix)
def __append_itunes(entry, output, suffix, base_url):
def __append_itunes(config, entry, output, suffix, base_url):
For the iTunes/AAC feed, there are some additional elements that make
use of the Apple extensions to RSS. Some of these, like the duration,
@ -124,20 +126,20 @@ def __append_itunes(entry, output, suffix, base_url):
produced by PodPress is less than desirable so those get munged to
something more suitable before writing into the iTunes feed.
description = __description(entry.content)
description = __description(config, entry.content)
soup = BeautifulSoup(description)
summary = '\n\n'.join([''.join(p.findAll(text=True)) for p in soup.findAll('p')])
(url, mime_type, size) = __enclosure(entry.enclosures, base_url, suffix)
(url, mime_type, size) = __enclosure(config, entry.enclosures, base_url, suffix)
if size == 0:
raise Exception('Couldn not find media, %s.' % base_url)
output.write(""" <item>
<title>%(title)s (Comment Line 240-949-2638)</title>
<enclosure url="%(url)s" length="%(size)s" type="%(mime_type)s"/>
<guid isPermaLink="false">%(permalink)s</guid>
<itunes:author>Thomas Gideon</itunes:author>
@ -153,7 +155,9 @@ def __append_itunes(entry, output, suffix, base_url):
'size' : size,
'subtitle' : ''.join(soup.contents[0].findAll(text = True)),
'summary' : summary,
'duration' : entry.itunes_duration })
'duration' : entry.itunes_duration,
'title_suffix': config['title_suffix'],
'author': config['author'] })'Inserted new %s item.' % suffix)
@ -174,7 +178,7 @@ def __permalink(title):
return permalink
def __description(content):
def __description(config, content):
This function strips out parts of the description used in the main site
feed that are less appropriate for the media specific feeds. PodPress
@ -191,12 +195,12 @@ def __description(content):
return re.sub('<p>View the <a', '<p>More news, commentary, and alternate feeds available at View the <a', description)
def __enclosure(enclosures, base_url, suffix):
def __enclosure(config, enclosures, base_url, suffix):
Uses the file name from the main site's enclosure plus the base_url to
pull together values to re-write the attributes for the correct media.
m ='cmdln.net_[0-9]{4}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{2}', enclosures[0].href)
m ='%s[0-9]{4}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{2}' % config['enclosure_prefix'], enclosures[0].href)
url = '%s/%s.%s' % (base_url,, suffix)
usock = urllib2.urlopen(url)
# Google listen won't play 'application/ogg' and that mime type is currently
@ -226,22 +230,30 @@ def __archive_slug(title):
return slug
def __main():
def __main(feed_file):
f = open(feed_file)
config = dict()
for line in f:
(name, value) = line.split('=')
config[name] = value.rstrip()
# pulls the category feed from the web site which will have just the most recent episodes
# along with all the iTunes jiggery-pokery PodPress performs
feed = __fetch_feed('')
feed = __fetch_feed(config['url'])
if feed is None:
logging.error('Failed to fetch feed.')
__append(feed, 'mp3', __append_non_itunes)
__append(feed, 'ogg', __append_non_itunes)
__append(feed, 'm4a', __append_itunes)
__append(config, feed, 'mp3', __append_non_itunes)
__append(config, feed, 'ogg', __append_non_itunes)
__append(config, feed, 'm4a', __append_itunes)
# TODO add flac
if __name__ == "__main__":

restore.bash Executable file
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@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
function restore {
backup=${1}.$(date +%Y-%m-%d)
if [ -f "$backup" ]
echo "Restoring $backup"
mv ${1}.$(date +%Y-%m-%d) ${1}
restore cmdln_mp3.xml
restore cmdln_m4a.xml
restore cmdln_ogg.xml